Chetana Sachidanandan

Senior Scientist
Zebrafish Chemical Genetics

Chetana Sachidanandan's lab uses zebrafish to dig deeper into the workings of human diseases. Zebrafish models are created for various genetic and life style disorders and these are used to dissect the pathophysiology of the disease and to screen for new drug-like molecules.

The lab focuses on
  • Diseases of the liver caused by genetic mutations, life style or by drug induced toxicity
  • Rare monogenic disorders that cause developmental defects resulting in birth defects

The lab has discovered new insights and promising therapeutic leads into CHARGE syndrome, Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome, Hereditary Hemochromatosis and Liver Regeneration. Current research focuses on taking these discoveries towards meaningful clinical applications.

Selected Publications:

Contact Information

Chetana Sachidanandan

Room No. 105,
Sukhdev Vihar,
Mathura Road,
New Delhi - 110 025
Tel: 91-11-29879105


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Assistant Professor, Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research
Ramalingaswami Fellowship, 2010,
Department of Biotechnology