Kausik Chakraborty

Senior Scientist
Metabolic regulation of protein folding

Kausik Chakraborty is interested in understanding the fundamental mechanism of protein folding homeostasis (Proteostasis) and its functional implication in misfolding stress. High throughput bacterial and yeast screening, and biophysical techniques are being used to study the role of chaperones in shaping protein sequence evolution and the role of different proteins and chaperones in signalling misfolding stress in the cell. Advanced biophysical techniques like single molecule flourescence spectroscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy will be used towards elucidating the molecular mechanism of stress sensing.

His lab is interested in

  • Metabolic homeostasis and its role in governing protein folding in vivo
  • Regulation of proteostasis by stress response pathways
  • Design of small molecules with chaperoning potential

Evolution is fuelled by variations, and heritable variations are typically encoded by genetic variants. It is believed that organisms have the capacity to buffer mutations; the ability to show markedly similar phenotypes even in the presence of genetic variations. This can fuel evolution by exposing new or enhanced functionalities in different environments. Any mechanism that would help buffering of genetic mutations (mutational buffering) would have the potential to help storing mutations (capacitor) in the genome without exposing phenotypes. Using the model organism E. coli, we show in this work that metabolism buffers mutational variations. This buffering is specific under different metabolic states and is routed through alteration in protein folding capacity of cell. This work underlines the subtle epi-phenomenon associated with these primary energy/metabolite producing pathways.

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Kausik Chakraborty
Room No. 104,
Sukhdev Vihar,
Mathura Road,
New Delhi - 110 020
Tel: 91-11-29879 104
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e-mail: kausik@igib.in

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Swarnajayanti Award (DST) 2016
INSA Medal for young scientists (2012)
ICT Young Scientist 2012
Wellcome-DBT Intermediate Fellowship 2009