Koyeli Mapa

Regulation of protein quality control in health and disease

Koyeli, a medico-turned researcher, is interested to elucidate the role of various regulators of protein quality control system and how it is perturbed in diseased conditions.

The current areas of research include:

  • Molecular basis of substrate targeting to cognate chaperones
  • Molecular mechanisms of Hsp70/Hsp110 molecular chaperones and the role of domain allostery in functionality of these molecular machines
  • Elucidating the novel regulators of mitochondrial protein quality control

Koyeli’s recent work has elucidated the domain dynamics and heterogeneity of one of the master regulators of mitochondrial biogenesis, mitochondrial Hsp70, using single molecule FRET. Furthermore, using this elegant technique, she has elucidated the structural modulation of non-native proteins within the intra-cellular milieu.

Selected Publications:

Contact Information

Koyeli Mapa
Room No. 107
Sukhdev Vihar, 
Mathura Road, 
New Delhi - 110 025
Tel: 91-11-29879107



DBT-Innovative Young Biotechnologists Award