Malabika Datta

Principal Scientist
Molecular Aspects of Diabetes

My group studies the mechanistic biology of the altered physiology during the onset and progression of obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes and their complications. These include studying non-coding RNA signatures and their regulation, understanding inter-organellar crosstalk during cell death and studying causes and effects of delayed wound healing during diabetes.

Specific interests include studying
  • Altered non-coding RNA signatures mediate cellular dysfunctions during diabetes
  • Decreased Dicer levels are associated with delayed wound closure in diabetes
  • Epigenetic reprogramming of the miRNA machinery

Deregulated levels of non-coding RNAs like miR-22, miR-107 and the lncRNA, H19, modulate several cellular processes in the liver during diabetes (BBA-Gene Regulatory Mechanisms, 2014, Diabetes, 2015, International J of Obesity, 2016, Scientific Reports, 2017). Interfering with such altered levels in-vivo rescues the diabetic phenotype and their administration alone in normal animals is capable of induction of a diabetic phenotype.

Selected Publications:

Contact Information

Malabika Datta
Lab 211, IInd Floor
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