Rakesh Sharma

Senior Principal Scientist
Microbial Genomics

Rakesh Sharma is interested in understanding microbial diversity and functions in environment and host using metagenomics and molecular genetics.

Current focus areas include:
  • Microbiome as a source of novel bioactive molecules and peptides
  • Stress tolerance and arsenic detoxification mechanisms from microbial communities
  • Metal ion homeostasis and membrane transporters in Mycobacteria

His group has identified a novel calcium uptake transporter of P-type ATPase superfamily and shown that it is important for cell wall integrity in Mycobacterium smegmatis. His group is also actively working on exploiting human microbiome for novel antimicrobials. He has identified a number of microbial isolates from human skin, including a new genus (Auricoccus indicus); several of these produce antimicrobial compounds and peptides. Combination of genomic and bioassay-guided approaches is being used to identify the genetic machinery and peptides/secondary metabolites.

Selected Publications:

Contact Information

Rakesh Sharma
Senior Principal Scientist
Professor (AcSIR)

Room No. 222,
Sukhdev Vihar,
Mathura Road,
New Delhi - 110 020
Tel: 91-11-29879 222
e-mail: rsharma@igib.res.in


Associate Editor, Frontiers in Microbiology
Associate Editor, Indian Journal of Microbiology
Editor, Heliyon