Ritushree Kukreti

Senior Principal Scientist

The major research interests include understanding human genetic diversity, disease severity and pharmacogenetics. Aim is to identify genes and interacting genetic and environmental factors that contribute to disease and drug responses. This also involves study of metabolic pathways, transcriptional and post transcriptional regulation of genes and functional validations for the establishment of biomarkers of biomedical importance.

Currently, the main focus of the lab is to study the

  • Identification & characterization of genes involved in drug responses and functional validation for establishment of biomarkers of biomedical importance.
  • Understanding regulation of DMEs & drug transporters in presence of xenobiotics & endobiotics and how these factors contribute to drug response.

Epilepsy, a common neurological disease, is associated with neuroinflammatory responses that affect the blood brain barrier (BBB). Biomolecules engaged in such responses have often been studied as potential therapeutic targets due to their involvement in regulating drug delivery to brain. We found one such gene, PTGS2 (COX2) which synthesizes proinflammatory mediators, prostaglandins, to be downregulated in patients with epilepsy responding efficaciously to the antiepileptic drug, valproate using blood gene expression profiling and hypothesised that PTGS2 downregulation results in better brain delivery of valproate by suppressing the efflux transporter, P-glycoprotein at the BBB. Further, substantiating the functional role of PTGS2 in determining valproate efficacy using BBB in vitro model system is being explored.

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Ritushree Kukreti
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Ritushree Kukreti, Professor
Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research
CSIR- Human Resource Development Centre,
Dr. Vidhya Sagar Award (2012, ICMR recognised) for the outstanding contributions made in the field of Mental Health.