Sarika Chaudhary

Structural Biology Of Membrane Proteins

Sarika Chaudhary focuses on elucidating the mechanisms of membrane protein functions by performing structural and biochemical investigations via X-ray crystallography.

She aims to elucidate the:

  • Molecular mechanism(s) of efflux pump transportation causing multi-drug resistance (MDR)
  • Molecular determinants for substrate specificity
  • Molecular mechanisms that govern targeting of membrane proteins to appropriate destinations, proper folding and insertion

She has a strong research emphasis on structural biology of membrane proteins. Her group focuses on the molecular and mechanistic characterization of transporters across the lipidic membrane, which present unique targets for pharmacological interventions. On a routine basis, structural, biochemical and biophysical investigations are carried out for the study of membrane proteins associated with several diseases, with a goal of developing novel therapeutics.

Selected Publications:

Contact Information

Sarika Chaudhary

Sukhdev Vihar, 
Mathura Road, 
New Delhi - 110 025



Ramanujan Fellow, 2013