Shantanu Chowdhury

Senior Principal Scientist
Functional Genomics

Our group studies the role of DNA secondary G-quadruplex (G4) motifs in gene regulation. Mechanims of how G4s engage transcription factors and epigenetic modifiers are in focus. Based on this new understanding we are developing a novel class of small molecule inhibitors that can restrict factor(s) involved in metastasis (spreading of cancer cells).

His major interests are:

  • Mechanisms of how cancers spread, and strategies of how to intervene
  • Mechanisms of how DNA secondary struture (G4 motifs) influence epigenetic modifications
  • Whether and how telomere-length impacts transcription genome wide

Recruitment of the REST-coREST repressor complex, and epigenetic modifications, are G-quadruplex-dependent during suppression of telomerase expression. Based on this we developed ligands that suppress telomerase in aggressive cancer cells (JBC, 2017). Telomere-binding factor TRF2 transcriptionally regulates expression of the cyclin-dependent kinase p21. Through this mechanism, results demonstrate, how cells respond to DNA damage is direclty linked to occupancy of TRF2 at the p21 promoter - a site distal from telomere ends (Sci. Rep., 2017).

Selected Publications:

Contact Information

Shantanu Chowdhury

Room No.325
Sukhdev Vihar, 
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New Delhi - 110 025
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