Shantanu Chowdhury

Functional Genomics

Shantanu Chowdhury is interested in understanding what triggers cancer cells to move from a local tumor to other organs, and how DNA secondary structures regulate gene expression.

His major interests are:

  • Understanding how and why a metastasis suppressor NME2 controls telomerase function and how this impacts cancer spread
  • Exploring what triggers DNA secondary structures like G-quadruplex into biological action, particularly in transcription

Following recent discovery by his group that the metastasis suppressor NME2 inactivates telomerase his group is addressing mechanisms underlying NME2-dependent telomerase function to decipher, and use this information for developing ways to intervene cancer spread. Continuing on initial evidence from his group supporting role of G-quadruplex DNA structures in transcription they are currently investigating mechanisms that control/trigger G-quadruplexes to become transcription regulators.

Selected Publications: