Shantanu Sengupta

Principal Scientist
Cardiovascular Disease Biology

Dr. Sengupta's lab is interested in identifying prediagnostic markers for cardiovascular disease using genetic, epigenetic and proteomic approaches.Understanding the role of thiols like homocysteine and cysteine and micronutrient vitamin B12 and folate in complex disorders using model systems and role of homocysteine in epigenetic modifications

His research interests include:

  • Established that vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with Coronary Artery Disease in Indian population
  • Established that pathways and processes that are perturbed by the amino acid homocysteine depend on the flux of homocysteine metabolism
  • Established an interesting link between nutritional status, epigenetic modification, vitamin B12, small thiol amino acids and their cumulative correlation to complex diseases.
  • Established that Coronary Artery Disease is associated with hypermethylation of DNA
  • Using plasma proteomics approach showed that four proteins along with hypertension and Diabetes could account for 88% of CAD cases and using an untargeted metabolomics approach identified about 32 metabolites that are associated with CAD.
  • Provided the first whole genome DNA methylation map for any rat tissue and reported that DNA methylation plays an important role in splicing
  • Developed a map of mitochondrial methylome and showed that there are distinct patterns of epigenetic regulation in mitochondria

Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to atherogenic risk in males and risk of bone disease in females
Selected Publications:

Contact Information:

Shantanu Sengupta
Room No. 201,
Sukhdev Vihar,
Mathura Road,
New Delhi - 110 020
Tel: 91-11-29879 201
Fax: 91-11-27667 471


National Bioscience Award for Career Development 2011 (Biological Sciences)
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