Sridhar Sivasubbu

Principal Scientist
Zebrafish Functional Genomics

Sridhar Sivasubbu is interested in exploiting the advantages of zebrafish to dissect molecular mechanisms of gene function and regulation in vertebrates.

His group uses a combination of genetics and genomics to study:
  • Molecular mechanism underlying non-coding RNA mediated regulation of vascular and cardiovascular development in zebrafish.
  • Zebrafish models for rare genetic disorders- towards personalized and precision medicine in humans.

His lab has identified molecular mechanisms of miRNA-mediated regulation of vascular integrity. His lab has also decoded long non-coding RNA in zebrafish and their roles in endothelial cell function are being studied.
The genome sequencing of the wild zebrafish in his lab highlighted the true extent of genomic variations in this organism. His lab is also deeply involved in the human genome sequencing, which provides a template for analysis of personal genomes for precision medicine in humans.

Selected Publications:

Contact Information

Sridhar Sivasubbu
Room No. 106
Sukhdev Vihar, 
Mathura Road, 
New Delhi-110 025

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