Vinod Scaria

Genome Analysis

Vinod Scaria is a medico turned bioinformatician, interested in genome analysis. He is involved in the development of bioinformatics tools and their application in several areas spanning his research interests in:

Prediction of miRNAs and design of artificial miRNAs and antagomiRzymes
miRNA-target prediction; anti-viral miRNAs
Genome Assembly and Annotation
Integration of genome-scale data for systems biology

He has used adopted novel and creative strategies like the use of Wiki tools, twitter and remote participation of undergraduate students to accelerate genome annotation.

Selected Publications:

  • TBrowse: an integrative genomics map of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Bhardwaj, A., Bhartiya, D., Kumar, N., and Scaria, V. Tuberculosis.(Edinb.). 2009. 89[5], 386-387.
  • Antagomirzymes: oligonucleotide enzymes that specifically silence microRNA function. Jadhav, V. M., Scaria, V., and Maiti, S. Angew.Chem.Int.Ed Engl. 2009. 48[14], 2557-2560.
  • FishMap: a community resource for zebrafish genomics. Meli, R., Prasad, A., Patowary, A., Lalwani, M. K., Maini, J., Sharma, M., Singh, A. R., Kumar, G., Jadhav, V., Scaria, V., and Sivasubbu, S. Zebrafish. 2008. 5[2], 125-130.
  • Host-virus genome interactions: macro roles for microRNAs. Scaria, V., Hariharan, M., Pillai, B., Maiti, S., and Brahmachari, S. K. Cell Microbiol. 2007. 9[12], 2784-2794.
  • Targets for human encoded microRNAs in HIV genes. Hariharan, M., Scaria, V., Pillai, B., and Brahmachari, S. K. Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun. 2005. 337[4], 1214-1218.

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