Vivek T. Natarajan

Senior Scientist
Skin and Pigment Cell Biology

Our investigations are designed to address the biology of skin cells that are relevant in skin health and disease. We study cell fate decisions in the pigment cells and the underlying molecular mechanisms that govern these transitions. Our goal is to unravel the biology that would lead to cell-based solutions for the depigmenting disorder vitiligo.

Some of the fundamental questions being raised in his lab are
  • Understanding cellular transitions and cell fate decisions in pigment cells
  • Delineating mechanisms underlying complex disorders of skin
  • Cell biology of melanocytes and human skin pigmentation

We have identified several lead candidates that govern cell-fate decisions in melanocytes using a cell-autonomous pigment oscillator. By the use of several model systems ranging from human patient samples to primary cells and zebrafish, we have established the role of histone variants, pH modulators, kinesins and components of the autophagy pathway in dictating the pigment cell functions.

Selected Publications:

Contact Information

Vivek T. Natarajan

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New Delhi - 110 020
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