In Ayurveda texts, though the principles of phenotypes in health and disease states are extremely well described, they are not readily decipherable and hence its potential has not been appreciated by modern genomic researchers. According to Ayurveda individual’s basic constitution (Prakriti) describes its predisposition and prognosis to disease status and also the treatment for disease and lifestyle regime. In Genomics, individual’s basic constitution is decided by its genetic makeup which indirectly reflects the levels of various biochemical parameters in individual which states its Health status. We aimed at establishment of high correlation of Prakriti with genomic signatures by isolating DNA, RNA and Plasma from the blood sample. It is anticipated that this approach of Ayurgenomics would allow development of surrogate methods for cost effective screening of predisposed individuals in the population. This would result in development of an integrative approach to systems biology for disease and health state.


Mitali Mukerji
Bhavana Prasher