Scientist Evaluation forms

Part I - Work Report
Part II - Self Appraisal
Part III - Evaluation by Collegium
Part IV - Evaluation by Empowered Committee

Performance reports

Group I
Group II
Group III
Group IV
Senior Administration
Junior Administration
PS/ Steno

Media, Publication and Patent Application Forms

Media Interaction Form
For Accession Number
Invention Disclosure Form
Form 1
Form 2

Computer and network related forms

Computer movement
IT clearance form
Laptop registration form
New User Form

Advance and Reimbursement forms

House Rent Allowance
House Rent Exemption Form
Telephone Reimbursement Form
House Rent Exemption Notice
Tution Fee reimbursement
Medical reimbursement
Cash refund Challan
Festival Advance Form

Tours and Travels

Transit Room Requistion Form
Tour Sanction form : Bilingual
Travel Allowance adjustment form

LTC Form : Bilingual
LTC (English, Hindi)
Claims for LTC
LTC adjustment
General Instructions to hire a taxi

Conveyance Form (English)
Conveyance Form (Hindi)
Taxi Requisition Slip
Revised ISTAD Form
ISTAD Visit Report
ISTAD Bilateral Form

Honorarium Claim form

Work and Maintenance

Works Job Card South Campus
Works Job Card North Campus

Gate Pass
Permission to draw or deposit official keys

Service related forms

ID Card
Pensioner ID Card
NOC and IT Clearance
Home Town Declaration Form
Joint Declaration for Claiming Reimbursement of medical expenses, LTC and Tution Fee
Vehicle Parking Form
Entry Form for Contractual Worker
Items Gate Pass
Permission to work after office hours
Permission to draw / deposit the official keys

Property Declaration Form
Advance from Pension Fund
Income Tax Saving Form
Office Joining Record
Earn leave application | Try filling the online form now (beta-testing)
Casual Leave Record
Child Care Leave Form

AMA Treatment Form
Application Introduction Form
Appointment Form
Change of Hometown Form
Deletion Addition to Family
Medical Expenses Refund Form
Item Transfer Voucher
Canteen Requisition Form Mathura Road
Canteen Requisition Form Mall Road

Stores & Purchase

Indent Form for Capital Items
Indent Form for Consumables
Indent Form for Rate Contract Items
Indent Form for AMC

Categories and Sub Categories

Annexure A Goods Without Quotation
Annexure B Local Purchase Committee
Annexure C Specialised R_D
Annexure D Proprietary Articles

Disposal Form