Chetan Gadgil

Mechanistic Modeling, Computer Simulation and Mathematical Analysis

Chetan is interested in understanding biological systems through the formulation, simulation and analysis of mechanism-based mathematical models. His group currently works on

Transcription, translation and its regulation, including during the formation of ‘memory’;

Keratinocyte-melanocyte-immune system interactions including during melanogenesis; and

The implications of stochasticity on biological system design and function.

Selected Publications:

  • A mathematical model identifies conditions for ‘unexpected’ increase in target protein levels due to miRNA regulation. Gokhale, S and Gadgil, C.J. Mol. BioSyst. (2012) 8 (3), 760-765.
  • Robustness of the Drosophila segment polarity network to transient perturbations. Subramanian, K., and Gadgil, C. J. IET Systems Biology (2010) 4(2): 169-176.
  • Size-independent differences between the mean of discrete stochastic systems and the corresponding continuous deterministic systems. Gadgil, C.J., Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (2009) 71: 1599-1611.
  • Short- and long-range effects of Sonic hedgehog in limb development. Dillon, R., Gadgil, C.J., and Othmer, H.G. (2003) PNAS. 100(18): 10152-10157.
  • A diffusion-reaction model for cDNA hybridization on a microarray. Gadgil, C.J., Yeckel, A., Derby, J., and Hu, W.-S. J Biotechnol. (2004) 114(1-2):31-45.

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Chetan Gadgil
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Lab 826,
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