Manikandan Subramanian

Senior Scientist
Cardiometabolic Disease and Inflammation

Cardiovascular diseases including myocardial infarction, stroke, and heart failure is the leading cause of death worldwide. One of the fundamental pathological process underlying these clinical conditions is the formation of an atherosclerotic plaque, which is characterized by the build-up of fat and fat-filled cells in the vascular wall. A subset of these atherosclerotic plaques progress to an advanced stage and display heightened inflammation, large areas of necrosis, and thin fibrous cap, pathological features that make them vulnerable to plaque rupture and adverse clinical outcomes. Our laboratory uses a combination of cell biology tools, animal models of obesity and atherosclerosis, as well patient samples for understanding the mechanistic basis of advanced atherosclerotic plaque progression with the ultimate goal of identifying therapeutic targets and drugs that would prevent rupture of atherosclerotic plaques via plaque stabilization.

Major research interest includes:
  • Understanding the cellular/molecular mechanisms that lead to advanced atherosclerosis progression and associated complications
  • Development of therapeutic strategies to promote inflammation resolution and stabilization of atherosclerotic plaques
  • Development of novel dendritic cell based vaccines

Selected Publications:

Contact Information

Dr. Manikandan Subramanian
Office: Room 224
Sukhdev Vihar,
Mathura Road,
New Delhi - 110 025
Tel: 91-11-29879224


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