Mitali Mukerji

Senior Principal Scientist
Genomics and Molecular Medicine, Ayurgenomics

Mitali Mukerji research is in the broad area of understanding human genome structure and variation for its application in the discovery of biomarkers for predicting susceptibility to diseases, understanding human phenotypes and adaptations and mapping mutational histories. She has also developed the area of Ayurgenomics for application in precision medicine.
Her research interests include:

  • Application of IGV data in mapping mutations, disease origins in SCAs and environmental adaptations
  • Discovery of markers for predicting high altitude adaptation, hypoxia responsiveness and outcomes through Ayurgenomics
  • Novel regulatory networks through exaptation of Alu repeats in human transcriptome

Multi-omic studies of healthy individuals stratified on the basis of Prakriti concepts of Ayurveda can enable identification of markers that can predict differential responsiveness to drugs and environment, susceptibility to diseases and provide actionable points for stratified interventions. Exonized Alu repeats in the transcriptome provides sites for miRNA interactions that can modulate transcript isoform density in stress further highlighting their involvement in novel regulatory networks.

Selected Publications: