IGIB in the Media

Genetic variants of diabetes in Indians

Dr. Dwaipayan Bharadwaj's group has recently studied the association of eight common genetic variants associated with type II diabetes, in the Indian Population. Mint reports the results from the study.

Open Source Drug Discovery

The concept of Open Source Drug Discovery Programme has been featured in the leading edge section of Cell Journal. More recently, the current progress on the project has been highlighted in Technology Review published by MIT.

Zebrafish Genome Sequence

Dr. Sridhar Sivasubbu and Dr. Vinod Scaria have led a team at IGIB to sequence a wild-type zebrafish strain. The work is also mentioned in the Leading Edge section of Cell Journal and several national dailies:

Mint | Indian scientist sequence fish genome
Hindustan Times |India complete genome sequencing of zebrafish
Indian Express | Decoding the Genome Mystery

Indian Genome Variation
A two part story of the findings and implications of the study of Indian Genome Variation Consortium appeared in Frontline.

The work of Dr. Balaram Ghosh and his group in the area of immunology has been covered in Nature India and Scibx:

• Curcumin substitutes Nature India (30 August 2009) Research highlights
• Gene stopper spotted Nature India (15 April 2009) Research Highlights
• MicroRNA-106a (miRNA-106a); early growth response 1 (EGR1); specificity protein 1 transcription factor (SP1); IL-10 Science-Business eXchange 2, (2 April 2009)
• Asthma's genetic address found Nature India (9 June 2008) Research Highlights

The work of Dr. Shantanu Chowdhury and his group on the role of quadruplexes in the human genome was highlighted in Nature India. Their work on quadruplex biology was also been discussed in C&EN News articles .

Nature India writes about Biosensors developed in Dr. Ashok Kumar’s laboratory, for the detection of meningitis.