Energy and Environmental Biotechnology

Scientists at IGIB are exploring the rich microbial diversity of India and developing biotechnological applications using this resource to address issues pertaining to the environment and energy crisis. Different areas that are being pursued are:

* Microbial diversity and its exploration
* Hydrogen and bio-plastic from waste
* Waste water treatment using microbes

* Metagenomics

Microbes which survive in extreme environments make enzymes tolerant to physical stress. Many of these are difficult to isolate and culture in the laboratory. At IGIB, metagenomic libraries made from samples collected from various ecological niches in different geographical regions of India are being screened for functional clones expressing novel biocatalysts, bioactive compounds and pathways.

* Bio-waste to hydrogen and bioplastics

Hydrogen has emerged as a clean fuel for the future. IGIB scientists have analyzed metabolic and genomic databases of microbes have been analyzed in order to identify microbes which can collectively provide the biochemical route to production of hydrogen and environment friendly plastics.

* Environmental biotechnology for handling pollution

IGIB has been involved in screening of pollutants against biodegradative enzymes, development of biosensors for monitoring pollutants and using microbial consortia for treatment of alkaline waste water generated from industries.