Frequently Asked Questions (of interest to faculty applicants)

Which are the specialized areas of research your Institute is looking to hire scientists in?
Genomics and Molecular medicine | Respiratory Disease Biology |
Genome Informatics & Structural Biology | Chemical and Systems Biology

What are the qualifications you seek in a candidate, other than a degree and publications ?
One of the main criteria for selection is the scientific track record. Another important factor is the age of the candidate; we prefer younger candidates. Presently, in India, there are wonderful career paths that an older candidate is bound to miss! We feel that this is likely to have an effect on the candidate becoming successful in future. We also have attractive schemes for fresh young successful PhDs or early Postdoctoral Fellows to begin their independent research career in India earlier than others.

How many positions are available?
IGIB plans to recruit approximately 15 scientists over the next 5 years. However, we will be hiring in batches, after formal advertisements (2-3 times a year).

What is the selection process?
At IGIB, we are constantly on the look-out for new faculty with suitable research interests and excellent credentials. Candidates can initially send his/her CV and research proposal to Recommendation letters could be useful but like transcripts/certificates are not mandatory at this stage. All the applications received are acknowledged, filed and will be taken into account. We expect interested applicants to visit IGIB for an informal scientific interaction. This can be done at any time during the year by mutually agreeing on the dates.

Periodically, formal advertisements with a detailed description of the post, job description and
required documents will be put out. At this stage, the candidate will have to formally respond by submitting detailed applications complete with all documents asked for in the advertisement.
At any point during the entire process, one can follow up to check on the status of the application by writing to Dr. Anurag Agrawal ( or Dr. Souvik Maiti (

Can you give some idea of the pay package offered by your institute?

The current Indian scenario presents a 2 tier pay structure. The first tier is the fixed government salary determined by the post usually linked to age, experience and track record. These will be comparable to most government funded Institutes in the country. IGIB intends to hire scientists with post-doctoral experience at "Senior Scientist" level which roughly corresponds to a take home salary of Rs.40,000 to Rs.45,000 per month.

In the second tier, pro-active and successful young scientists have several opportunities to augment their income through different modes. In IGIB, candidates who are interested to work as Facility Managers and are ready to work in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode can get negotiable salaries. If you have excellent academic credentials, IGIB will indeed support your application for various competitive Fellowships that can provide a higher salary, for instance, a Wellcome Trust fellowship. CSIR gives to its employees an additional salary of approximately 15% of the take-home salary, if one wins certain national awards like CSIR young Scientist award or INSA young scientist medal.

What sort of start-up research funding is available at the Institute?
While this is highly variable and depends on the requirements of the research area, new faculty are generally not expected to bring in research funds for the first couple of years.

Is there on-campus housing?
No, this facility does not exist currently.

Does IGIB have an academic programme? Will I eventually have Ph.D students working with me?
Yes, IGIB has a Ph.D programme, although each faculty will have to qualify for becoming a Ph.D Supervisor. Most IGIB scientists have 3-5 Ph.D students and additional project staff working in their group.