Institutional Excellence Awards

The Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB), is a constituent laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.  IGIB  is  an Institution with international recognition in area of Scientific  Research and Development having tremendous  growth capabilities.
To promote the change initiatives for the overall Scientific excellence an “INSTITUTIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD” for the outstanding performances of IGIB are being instituted. It aims to recognize and honor exceptional performers involved in the implementation of innovative practices at workplace that positively impact Scientific Innovations and Excellence.
IGIB invites the CORPORATE/OTHER INSTITUTIONS to sponsor the award and be a part of the Institution building process of IGIB and future of India.
The names and logos of the sponsors will be placed on the IGIB website, a website having worldwide visitors,  which will ensure the sponsors visibility and publicity both nationally and internationally amongst the scientific community and otherwise.
To participate in the vision for scientific growth
e-mail to : Dr Rajesh S. Gokhale,  Director, IGIB at,