CSIR Network Project (CSIR-IGIB as Nodal Lab)

  • Center for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Research (CARDIOMED)(BSC0122) led by Dwaipayan Bharadwaj
  • Genome dynamics in Cellular Organization, Differentiation and Enantiostasis (GENCODE)(BSC0123) led by Souvik Maiti
  • CSIR-NCL-IGIB Joint Research Initiative: Interfacing Chemistry and Biology(BSC0124) led by Kausik Chakraborty
  • Wellness Genomics Project - Understanding genomic signatures of healthy living in Indian populations.(BSC0212) led by Sridhar Sivasubbu
  • Towards Understanding Skin Cell Homeostasis (TOUCH)(BSC0302) led by T.N. Vivek
  • Effective Application of Community Health Efforts through New Age, IT Based Modes (EACH-IT).(BSC0303) led by Anurag Agrawal
  • Visualization of Organisms in Action (VISION)(BSC0403) led by Sheetal Gandotra

CSIR Network Project (CSIR-IGIB as Participating Lab)

    New Approaches towards understanding of disease dynamics and to accelerate drug discovery (UNDO)(BSC0103) led by Abhay Sharma
  • Emerging and re-emerging challenges in infectious diseases: Systems based drug design for infectious diseased (SPLenDID)(BSC0104) led by Yogendra Singh
  • Integrated NextGen approaches in health, disease and environmental toxicity (INDEPTH)(BSC0111) led by V. C Kalia
  • Nano-materials: Applications and Impact on Safety, Health and Environment (NanoSHE)(BSC0112) led by Pradeep Kumar
  • Therapeutics of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and related respiratory disorders (TREAT)(BSC0116) led by Balaram Ghosh
  • Epigenetics in Health and Disease (EpiHeD)(BSC0118) led by Shantanu Sengupta
  • Centre for BIOtherapeutic Molecule DISCOVERY (BIODISCOVERY)(BSC0120) led by Santosh Pasha
  • Genomics and Informatics Solutions For Integrating Biology (GENESIS)(BSC0121) led by Debasis Dash
  • Advance Drug Delivery System (ADD)(CSC0302) led by Munia Ganguli
  • Centre of Excellence: Waste Utilization & Management (WUM)(ESC0108) led by V. C Kalia
  • Clean Water: Sustainable Options(ESC0306) led by Rita Kumar
  • CSIR Knowledge Gateway & Open Source Private Cloud Infrastructure (KNOWGATE).(ISC0102) led by Jyoti Yadav

Major Laboratory Project:

    Centre of Excellence for Translational research in Asthma and lung Diseases (TRIAL)—Phase II study(MLP5502) led by Anurag Agrawal
  • Setting up of CSIR(unit)-TRISUTRA(Translational research and Innovative Science through Ayurgenomics)(MLP901) led by Mitali Mukerji
  • Arginine Metabolism in Lung and Vascular Disease: From Gene to Patient (ARGMET)(MLP1201) led by Anurag Agrawal
  • Advancing Zebrafish Genetics and Genomics Tools for Human Health Applications(MLP1202) led by Sridhar Sivasubbu
  • Genetic determinants of drug resistance in lung and pancreatic cancer from gene signatures of clinical samples (clinomic studies)(MLP1203) led by Shantanu Chowdhury
  • Synthesis of natural products Meridianin, Discorhabdin and Corynoxenine and analogues for GSK3 inhibitory studies.(MLP1204) led by Shantanu Chowdhury

NIMITLI Project:

  • System-based Computational Model of Skin (SCoMoS)(TLP6004) led by Rajesh S. Gokhale

OSDD Project:Open Source Drug Discovery(HCP0001) led by S. Ramachandran
Empower Projects:

    In search of a nerve regeneration factor from earthworm.(Phase-II)(OLP1103) led by Beena Pillai
  • Partial penetrance and osmolyte mediated genetic buffering (Phase-II)(OLP1104) led by Kausik Chakraborty
  • Hologenome sequencing approach for diagnosis of infectious agents.(Phase-II)(OLP1105) led by Sridhar Sivasubbu

Collaborative Projects:

    Pulmonary Effects of Biomass Fuel Indoor PM from Rural India(CLP0018) led by Anurag Agrawal
  • Genetically engineered allergens for component resolved diagnosis and immunotherapy of airway allergies (GENALL)(CLP0019) led by Naveen Arora
  • Responses of EGLN1/VHL and HIF1AN/CBP: The factual oxygen sensor molecule at high-altitude(CLP0020) led by M. A. Qadar Pasha
  • Collaborative Project on Pigmentation Genomics and Pathways.(CLP0021) led by Rajesh S. Gokhale

Externally Funded Projects:

  • Functional genomics of misfolding-induced stress response(GAP0059) led by Kausik Chakraborty
  • A holistic approach to establish the existence of in vivo DNA and RNA quadruplexes(GAP0061) led by Souvik Maiti
  • Mechanisms of increased Asthma risk in Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome(GAP0063) led by Anurag Agrawal
  • Intracellular Protein Conformational dynamics(GAP0064) led by Koyeli Mapa
  • Modulation of Iron-regulatory Hormone hepcidin in physiology and disease(GAP0068) led by Chetana Sachidanandan
  • Cellular Hypoxia , Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Endoplasmic Reticulul Stress in Asthma(GAP0069) led by Anurag Agrawal
  • Molecular mechanisms by which metastasis suppressor, Non Metastatic 2 (NME2) interacts with telomerases: potential connection between metastatic progression and telomerase activity(GAP0077) led by Shantanu Chowdhury
  • Role of DNA structural motif in transcription factor binding(GAP0079) led by Shantanu Chowdhury
  • Targeting Mitochondria to Induce Apoptosis: A Prospective New Cancer Therapy(GAP0080) led by Soumya Sinha Roy
  • Molecular studies of Asthma(GAP0084) led by Balaram Ghosh
  • Screening For antimicrobial Peptides & bioactive Molecules From Microbial diversity of Forest ecosystem of NE India: A Novel approach For development of Antibiotics against Multi-Drug resistance Pathogens(GAP0085) led by Rakesh Sharma
  • To explore the pathophysiology of Vitiligo (under WOS-A)(GAP0086) led by Garima Mallik
  • Multi-dimensional approach to identify predisposing markers in complex diseases using Glaucoma as a model disease(GAP0087) led by Aanchal Sharma
  • Hijacking of host lipid droplets by intracellular pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis(GAP0088) led by Sheetal Gandotra
  • Genetics and Systems Biology of childhood obesity in India and Denmark(GAP0089) led by Dwaipayan Bharadwaj
  • Genetic determinants of birth weight and growth trajectory and influence of parental genotype on these anthropometric indicators(GAP0090) led by Dwaipayan Bharadwaj
  • A comprehensive pharmacogenetic study of ABC transporter genes implicated in response to antiepileptic drugs(GAP0091) led by Ritushree Kukreti
  • To understand the function of PE_PGRS family proteins in the survival and virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv(GAP0092) led by Laxman Singh Meena
  • J.C. Bose Fellowship(GAP0093) led by Samir K Brahmachari
  • Genomic and functional approaches to decipher the role of a large imprinted miRNA cluster in glioblastoma multiforme(GAP0094) led by Arijit Mukhopadhyay
  • Probing endothelial dysfunction in Coronary Artery Disease(GAP0095) led by Shantanu Sengupta
  • Immune evasion strategy by Mycobacterium tuberculosis: harnessing the host signaling molecules for its convenience(GAP0096) led by Vivek Rao
  • Investigation of factors regulating cell polarity and adhesion in epidermis: Impact on skin homeostasis and manifestation of vitiligo(GAP0097) led by Archana Singh
  • Orai3 repression and Breast Cancer suppression by miR-34a(GAP0099) led by Rajender Kumar Motiani
  • "MEMBRANE BINDING AND TARGETING OF PERIPHERAL PROTEINS: Finding molecular address using in silico studies"(GAP0100) led by Lipi Thukral
  • Deciphering the role of cysteines in efficient DNA delivery vectors.(GAP0101) led by Munia Ganguli
  • Elucidating The Structural And Biochemical Mechanism Of Azole Transport By Cacdr1, Cacdr2, And Scpdr5p Efflux Pumps To Combat Multidrug Resistance In Candida Albicans.(GAP0102) led by Sarika Chaudhary
  • RNA-RNA interaction map of zebrafish oocyte(GAP0103) led by Beena Pillai
  • Synthesis of biodegradable smart materials (Carriers) and their biomedical applications (Women Scientist Scheme A (WOS-A))(GAP0104) led by Smriti Rekha Deka
  • Development of next generation vaccines and prophylactic agents against anthrax(GAP0105) led by Yogendra Singh
  • Structural and Functional study of p21mRNA stabilization by RNA-binding protein(GAP0106) led by Santosh Kumar Upadhyay
  • Determining mechanism of novel salt tolerant genes obtained from rnetagenomic approach(GAP0107) led by Digvijay Verma
  • The Role of Endoplasmic Reticulum in the pathogenesis of Caerulein Acute Pancreatitis in Mice and the effect of chemical chaperones on the severity of Acute Pancreatitis.(GAP0108) led by Kausik Chakraborty

Other Projects:

  • Performance Linked Incentive for Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awardees(OLP1110) led by Mitali Mukerji
  • Performance Linked Incentive for Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awardees(OLP1114) led by Shantanu Chowdhury
  • Reconstructing the Chemico-Cellular trestle to decipher biology of tuberculosis and Vitiligo(OLP1116) led by Rajesh S. Gokhale
  • Development of a whole biosensor for detecting Arsenic in potable water.(OLP1117) led by Rita Kumar

Scientific Support Projects:

  • Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF)(STS0001) led by Yogendra Singh
  • Computer Network(STS0002) led by Shantanu Chowdhury
  • Animal House(STS0003) led by Arjun Ram
  • Library(STS0004) led by Debasis Dash
  • PME(STS0007) led by Jyoti Yadav
  • IPR Cell(STS0009) led by Jyoti Yadav
  • Human Resources(STS0010) led by Girija N. Nair
  • Purchase(STS0011) led by SPO
  • Finance(STS0012) led by FAO
  • Administrative support(STS0013) led by AO/COA
  • Bio-Safety Lab Level 3 (BSL3)(STS0016) led by Vivek Rao
  • Radiation Lab(STS0017) led by Hemant Kumar Gautam
  • Breeding and Experimental Facility(STS0019) led by Vijay Pal Singh